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  From Phil Harrington's StarWare, Volume 4 :
»         "... a club member's 14" Tscope [with the Peerless Optical Package] had the best newtonian views I  have ever seen." 

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Recently shipped customer scopes
    Here's the latest TScope Ultralight ready for shipping to the Vermont Astronomical Society.
SST14 for VAS
    This T14 is a 14" Sweet Swayze Tscope with all the standard accessories and it's been customized with a purple dual speed Moonlite CR4 focuser.
This well-built 14" Dob has 1/15 wave optics and the best views in the universe!
Picture of T-14 Ultralight   The Model-TScope 

    Got aperture fever? A 14" Tscope is an excellent step up  from your 10" or smaller  scope. They are designed to weigh less and give better views than other telescopes this size. Easy to move and set up; get big telescope views without big telescope hassles.
     TScopes are built to last a lifetime: Weatherproof glues and finishes, strong multi-ply plywood, anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts all come together in the creation of this lightweight, highly-portable telescope. Add a high quality Quartz 14" f4.7 primary and a minimally obstructing 2.6" secondary and you have a telescope superior for both planetary and deep sky viewing ... 

Starting at $3195 plus shipping
, this handcrafted 14 inch truss-tube telescope is the best value in amateur astronomy today.

/ TScope wireless Digital Setting Circles

Tscope DSC keypad Spend more time observing!
     Available now: Full featured, the best  DSC available for Dobsonian telescopes. Works on all Dobs and is ServoCat compatable, even if your scope isn't a TScope Ultralight...
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