Digital Setting Circles: Spend more time observing.
Works on all makes of Dobs!
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NEW: TScope wireless digital setting circles!!!

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Short, neat wires connect to the compact and lightweight wireless interface box and the installation is done, complete, finished.  "Standard" wires connect to your existing encoders, ServoCat and external batteries if desired. (Or order a completely new setup from us.) There are no wires to your hand pad to tangle or trip over! Wireless serial and USB adapters are also available for your PC. Works on Starmaster, Obsession , Discovery, Meade and all standard Dobsonian telescopes. Available now.

TScope DSC Features:

   AutoSyncTM Memory - A TScope DSC begins locating stars and other objects in the sky as soon as it is turned on; even before you do the 2-star alignment procedure. (And if you have a ServoCAT GOTO system, it also provides tracking right away, that's a huge aid to keeping objects centered during the more accurate "two star alignment" procedure.) While observing, AutoSync Memory remembers up to 10 reference sightings (syncs) and automatically aligns on the best ones as you point the telescope at different parts of the sky.
  Smart Search - Identifies, describes and guides you to nearby objects all on one display screen. It displays the alt-az distance (up or down and left or right) in degrees to objects found. Super easy to use. Of course it identifies the object you see in the eyepiece. Also use it as a learning aid to show you other objects near your favorite objects or as part of your observing plan to study a particular part of the sky.
  TScope Interface Box - Keeps wires to the encoders, ServoCat, and batteries short and in the rocker box; there is just one flexible connection to the hand pad. This allows neater installations and better electrical connections; ideal for highest resolution encoders and biggest dobs.
  Joystick user interface - as easy to use with gloved hands as bare fingers. Familiar point and click operation. The three line graphical display shows menus and options simultaneously; makes learning and using your DSC easier.
Star map printed on the back - What a great idea! Need a reminder of the names of some alignment stars? Just turn the hand pad over, there's a star map printed on the back... one more example of what we do to make the TScope DSC easier to use.
  • 3 line extended temperature graphical display
  • Digital contrast and brightness adjustments
  • Simple joystick and button operation
  • Encoder resolution: 500 to 32400 ticks.
  • Date and time clock with separate battery backup.
  • Serial port for PC or ServoCat interface.
  • 1 Megabyte of catalog memory.
  • Two internal microprocessors.
  • User upgradable software and catalogs, if required.
  • Industry standard connectors and pinouts.
  • Wide voltage range: 6 to 15 volts.
  1. Abell galaxy clusters - 300 objects
  2. Globular Clusters - 147 objects
  3. IC Catalog - 5,386 objects
  4. Messier Catalog - 110 objects
  5. NGC Catalog - 7,840 objects
  6. Planetary Nebulae - 124 objects
  7. Solar systems - 9 objects
  8. Stars - 46 objects
  9. User list - 60 objects
Total - 14,022 catalog entries.

DSC Handpad
Size: 5.5:x 3.5"x 1.25" (add .25" for joystick and button)
Wt:  5.6 oz.

Interface Box
Size: 4.5" x 2.75" x 1"
Wt: 5.2 oz. (with 9 volt battery)
Samples of handpad artwork:

TScope DSCs feature high resolution color prints from JPL and other publicly available image sources. Images and colors vary; yours will most likely have a different print than those seen here. Black cases are standard; "bone" is an options. The TScope artwork on solid black is also available if you don't want a picture on your keypad.

Shipping NOW:

TScope wireless Digital Setting Circles

The TScope wireless advantage:

Better than anything else: NO WIRES! TScope wireless DSCs incorporate US and Canada approved wireless transmitters. also adds a 3 port fan and dew heater controller and ServoCAT guiding1 from the DSC joystick.
  • No radio license required, agency approved for use in US and Canada.
  • Two serial ports support both a ServoCat and PC planetarium program (not included) simultaneously.
  • Got a really big Dob? There'll be no wires to pull and trip on as you go up the ladder!
  • Control fans up to 750 ma and dew heaters up to 9 watts (each port) directly from the keypad.
  • Range varies, typically more than 50 feet.
1ServoCat guiding supports small tracking rate changes such as used for centering an object in the eyepiece. It does not replace the ServoCat keypad which is still required for slewing and GOTO operation.

The receiver/interface box is compact and lightweight. It's smaller than the handpad and can easily be attached to the side of your rocker box (near the Altitude encoder) with Velcro or similar fasteners. Leave it there if you keep your telescope in a secure location or pop the Velcro and take it with you.

The three line display on the handpad shows you more information and makes the TScope DSC much easier to use than other DSCs: For example, when selecting an object from a catalog, the TScope DSC shows you the size, type, magnitude of the object  and whether the object is up, down, always up, or always down at your current observing location and time. All on one display.. Another example: On the traditional "push to" screen that shows distance to the selected object, the TScope DSC not only displays object information to help you determine whether you are seeing the selected faint fuzzy or something else, but also it has the
"sync" function available on the same screen so that it's super easy to add more sync points to the AutoSync memory. Please download and see the users' guide for examples and sample displays.

Price: $429.00 +shipping
The TScope Deluxe wireless DSC includes wireless keypad, wireless interface box,  encoder cable, printed user manual, PC-RS232 serial cable and program upgrade adapter. Standard wire lengths are suitable for a mid-sized Dob: 16" for the altitude encoder 24" for the azimuth encoder; however, please feel free to specify any reasonable cable lengths you need and we'll make a custom cable for you at no additional charge! (Encoders and encoder arms sold seperately, see "Options" below.)
DOWNLOAD and browse the TScope DSC manual: TDSCmanual.pdf  (1.5Mb)

Options and Accessories

  All prices plus shipping and handling; typically $10, more or less.

 Encoder arms, one azimuth, one elevation, both wired and ready for encoders
 Encoder cable, standard or custom lengths (no extra charge for custom lengths)

 Optical encoders, ready to mount on encoder arms (order S2-xxxx-NT, where "xxxx" is the desired resolution.)
Buy from US Digital
 Two complete encoder arms with 4000 tick encoders ready to use*
* We recommend 4000 tick encoders for visual use because 8000 or 1000 tick encoders use six times the battery power compared to 4000 tick encoders.
4000 tick encoders are much more than accurate enough to put what you are looking for in the field of view, they cost less and your batteries last longer..
 Two complete encoder arms with 8000 or 10000  tick encoders ready to use  $185.00
 ATM encoder mounts and encoder arms, same as used on TScope Ultralight Telescopes.
 Encoder mounts for Obsession Telescopes
Buy from Stellar Cat
 Encoder mounts for many other telescopes
Buy from JMI
 Compact rechargeable battery pack and parts to plug (recommend 9V "racing pack", either 1000 or 1800 ma-H)
Buy from Radio Shack
 Compact rechargeable 1000ma-H battery pack and fused adapter plug
 Battery holder for 6 AA batteries
Q: Why do we suggest"buy it from ..." them on some of the parts listed above? A: We sell "complete assemblies" but if you're a DIYer looking for parts, you can save time and money ordering directly from the makers of those parts. Hope that helps. - Ed.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Digital Setting Circles?
Digital Setting Circles (DSCs) are compact hand-held computers that are specifically made to help you point your telescope to thousands of objects in night sky. The DSC contains user lists, planetary positions and deep sky object catalogs. The DSC reads the position of the telescope with two optical encoders attached to that altitude and azimuth axes of the telescope. Once the DSC knows where the telescope is pointing, the computer inside can "crunch the numbers" and let you know which direction (up, down, left or right) and how far to move your telescope to observe any of the thousands of sky objects stored in its memory. The computer can also run the numbers backwards: you point your telescope at something and the DSC search feature will tell you what it is.

Why use Digital Setting Circles?
DSCs make your observing time much more productive. With DSCs you find each object in seconds and can spend your time observing instead of searching or "star hopping."  Having a telescope pointing aid becomes more important with mid-sized and larger telescopes. These telescope, in general, tend to have a smaller field of view than smaller telescopes do. Even low power eyepieces see less of the sky in a larger scope and that makes getting something into the field of view of your eyepiece more difficult... DSCs simply make your telescope easier to use.

Does it work with other brand telescopes?

YES! TScope DSCs work with any Dobsonian-style telescope that has optical encoders or any scope that is compatible with one of the many optical encoder mounting kits available. We sell generic encoder mounting kits suitable for amateur telescope makers and DIY'ers. There's also a list at bottom of this page for suppliers of other mounting kits.

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