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The Model-TScope

the 14 inch TScope Ultralight with 1/10 wave Quartz primary!
The Model T
Shown with optional CR-2 focuser,
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  • Superior planetary performance. 
  • Globulars look like jewel boxes filled with stars 
  • Galaxies look twice as big, see more structure  
  • Nebulas look like galactic storms ... 
  • See nubulae in other galaxies!


Tscope GOTO & Tracking
starting at $1595.00
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14 inches of aperture - the 14 inch TScope has twice the light gathering power of a 10 inch telescope yet it is compact and lightweight, easy to move and set up, and it is  just the right size for everyone in the family to enjoy. 
Primary - 14" f/4.7 1/10 wave quartz (fused silica) primary with 100% testing of optical quality.
Secondary  - 2.6" 1/10 wave or better with enhanced coatings
Less than 19% central obstruction for higher contrast
Perfect for viewing the planets as well as deep sky.
Eyepiece height at zenith - 63 inches
Weight - ultralight 65 pounds
(Heaviest component - 35 pounds)
Fine focusing with the Moonlite CR-1 Crayford focuser
Easy to use Rigel Quikfinder with three illuminated red rings.
One person no-tool setup, moves in a compact car.
Quality and Value:
Tscopes are known for the highest quality woodworking and finish.
Ready for digital setting circles, GOTO and EQ platforms (up to a $200 value.)
Priced well below other scopes that lack this quality, plenty of options too...
Custom built just for you... don't see what you want? Just Ask!.
The best value in Amateur Astronomy today!

starting at $3195.00
+ shipping.
 Standard on all 14" Tscopes:
    - 1/10 wave Quartz primary
    - 1/10 wave or better secondary
    - Moonlite CR1 focuser,
    - 18 point mirror cell with cooling fan
    - A Rigel Systems "QuikFinder" (3 ring reflex site)
    - Encoder mounts.
    - Tscopes quick release truss tube fasteners
    - Enhanced mirror coatings (Read about our mirror coatings here.)
 Popular options:
    - Light shroud, $85.00
  - Upgrade CR-1 focuser to dual speed CR-2, $100, free choice of  colored focuser base.
Upgrade CR-1 focuser to dual speed CR-4 with filter swing. $200
    -  Tscope GOTO System package - $1595 installed.

 Peerless Optical Package:
    - 1/20 wave quartz primary with 1/20 wave secondary - $495

The 14" Tscope is an excellent choice for your second telescope

yet it is large and versatile enough that it might be the last telescope that you'll every need.

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The 14" TScope.
Affordable and usable,
it's an extraordinary value
The 14" TScope photo tour
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Just the right size!