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Typically, the lead time for new orders is now about 14 months. Custome scopes or scopes with custom mirrors can take longer. Please feel free to inquire about the current availability.

 Please see the "Options" page, it also describes standard equipment. Thank you for your order! - Ed.

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Ganymede 14" TScope: If during the first 30 days you feel that the 14" TScope just isn't your cup of tea, send it back and I'll refund the purchase price, less shipping costs. After that, I warrantee parts and workmanship for a period of one year - you will pay to ship the part to me; I will pay to ship the part back to you... I want to emphasize, though, that even after a year I want you to be 100% satisfied with every TScope purchase. If for some reason you are not, please let me know and I will do what can to set it right. Please contact me if you ever have a comment or concern about your Model-TScope telescope.

Parts and accessories:  All parts that I manufacturer have the same satisfaction guarantee that the Model-TScope does. Part that I resell, like the focusers and finders, have a 30 day money back guarantee if returned in original resellable condition; otherwise (since I am an authorized reseller of these parts) they are covered by the original manufacturer's warrantee.


Domestic Shipping & Costs: The Model-TScope is shipped in 3 insured packages. An adult signature will be required to receive them. I do not charge an "handling" fee; your shipping charge is the actual cost of the packing materials plus the actual cost of shipping. Packing material currently costs about $50 for the Model-TScope. Because of its lightweight design, even coast to coast shipping is generally under $200.

International Shipping & Costs: I am currently shipping USPS mail service t to Canada and Europe. Shipping to Canada generally runs $250 to $300. Shipping to Europe generally runs $500 to $600. I can only ship to countries served by USPS mail if the combined "length + girth" limit is over 100 inches. These countries are
Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France (including Monaco), Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macao, Malta, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City
UPS and FedEX to other countries will generally cost about 50% more. Please write for shipping estimate.

Other Options: If you are visiting the area, you may be able to pick up your Model-TScope in person. I'll be happy to meet you; however, you must contact me ahead of time to make sure that someone will be available when you get here.


US Postal Money Orders: My bank accepts the USPMO without a holding period so I can ship in-stock items paid by Postal Money Order without delay. Please note that this is not true of other types of money orders. Please make all money orders payable to "Edward L. Taychert".

PayPal: I accept PayPal payments from "Verified" accounts shipped to verified addresses. (I am also verified by PayPal.)  Thank you for your understanding in this matter. My PayPal ID will be included with confirmation of your order.

Personal Checks, Cashiers' Check, other money orders: I am happy to accept these forms of payment. Since my bank puts a 10 day hold on all of these types of deposits, there will be a similar delay in shipping in-stock items. Please make all checks payable to "Edward L. Taychert".

Place your order
To get the order process started: Just send an email note with a bullet list of what you're looking for. I'll work up a "quote/configuration" sheet, something like the one below, and send it back to you ASAP. (You don't have to do any paper work; I'll do that for you.) Also, I'll be happy to call you at your convenience if you'd like to talk things over; just send me an email note with your phone number and the best time to call. Thank you for choosing a Tscope!
14 inch TScope (T-14)  with 1/15 wave Quartz (fused silica) primary @ $2595
 Add Tscopes GOTO, complete and installed @ $1595. (Introductory price)

 - - -  substitute 1/20 wave "Peerless Optics" primary  @ $495

Add Enhanced coatings on primary, $150

Walnut stain option (Enter letter code from stain table ___________ )  standard, $100, or $200

Black T-14 light shroud @ $85
  Tscope wireless DSCs @ $429, encoders and arms @ $155, installed with telescope order. $575
  Substitute Moonlite Focuser CR-4  @ $200, CR-2 or CR3  @ $100
Other options not listed:

Configuration total:

Shipping (please contact w/ zip code  for exact quote) :

New York State Sale Tax required for shipments to New York State addresses (enter your tax rate):


Deposit amount: 33% of configuration total, excludes tax and shipping. (subject to $200 cancellation fee) Deposit

Questions? Please email me. My email address is shown below.
email address

Pricing and availability are subject to change. Please send an email to start the order process and to allow me to reserve your telescope for you. Full payment is expected for telescopes in stock and either a 33% deposit is required for telescopes build in the future production runs.

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Thank you!
Thank you very so much for your order. I love to build things and I've never had a "job" that made me so happy as building a telescope. I hope that the joy I have shows in the telescope that your receive. I wish you clear skies and that you enjoy and share the beauty of the night sky with others.
Thank you. - Ed Taychert.