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N.L. of Germany - It's better than the photos.

N.L. has recently received the first production FarStar "Shorty" telescope. (This primary in this  telescope is a 13" f/4.7 Swayze mirror.)

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B.H. of Texas- I saw detail on Mars and sharpness that I have not seen in a LONG time with my other dob.  Stars appear as small focused points and close doubles split without problem.  Color of stars is intense and contrast with good dark background just seems better than my C-8 or 10" Dob. B.F. of New York - I'm amazed to have such a good scope at so reasonable a price.
G.P of Michigan- [using a filter] was interesting on Mars. Quite a bit of detail...

Gary (on left) at Black Forest Star Party, 2003.
J.B. of Colorado - I hooked up the DSC and  spent 2 hours one night just bouncing from one globular to a nebula to a galaxy. I gave up using the 30mm Widescan as the object was always in the field. I put in a Seibert 19mm WA (about 67º apparent field of view) and 75% were in the field. The rest just out, and a nudge put them in. This says the scope is square and tracks evenly - not much 'runout'.
Dave K's T14Dave Kovich of Califonia - I went up to my Sierra mountain home this weekend. ... Even with lots of high clouds and a bright moon, everything was better than my 10" LX 200 ever was.  I can't believe how easy it is to transport, set up, and take this scope down.  I had a couple of friends with me and they loved the scope ... One is a professional woodworker, a master craftsman with works in galleries throughout the western U.S, and he was very impressed with the quality of the workmanship.

I want to thank you, Ed, for building this great scope.  I know it took some time, but the wait was well worth it.  I couldn't be more pleased.
Paul W. of  New Hamshire - Thank you for building me a magnificent and beautiful scope.  The design and craftsmanship of the T14 are first-rate.  It assembles and disassembles easily, and fellow stargazers have been impressed at how light it is, and how smooth the motion is.  The Peerless Optical Package optics were well worth waiting for.  The lunar surface, planets, comets, double stars, DSOs, you name it--sharp, clear, detailed views of everything.  I don't think I'll ever forget my first view of M13 in the TScope.
Oscar S. of Florida writes - Here I'm collimating the 14" f4.7 Ultra light Telescope. We are getting ready to have a Star Party. I have gotten so many complements from everyone that looks through it. It even gets better views than our 24" RC dome telescope. Thanks for a great scope. I love it. Hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! A very Satisfied Tscope user!

Dr. Bernie Sokolowski. of New York - First light showed excellent optics on this T-13. No turned edge, and clean symmetrical diffraction rings on both sides of focus. Much better than diffraction limited. [...]  First views of Mars where astounding at only 175x!  Loads of detail, more than I could sketch in a two hour stretch. [...] Thanks a million on delivering the scope. You make a great product. David Holt of Michigan -  I wanted to take a minute to thank you for building me a wonderful scope. Since August, over 300 people have had a chance to view with it. The common comments I hear are; "What a beautiful design", "I can't believe it's so light", "It moves so smoothly, I can hand track at 300x", "You've set it up (put it away) that fast?", "You never need a ladder!", "What a great image!". Another 100 people will be viewing through it before Thanksgiving; [...] Thanks for building MINE!

Truss-conversions and ultralight "make-overs" of  existing scopes!
Nevil Davy of New York - It is a beautiful instrument which always attracts notice when I take it out.  People rave about the smoothness of movement in both altitude and azimuth.  It sets up nearly in collimation time after time.  It is a fine instrument.

The 12.5" Meade Starfinder Dob needed the backseat folded down; now with a "make over" into a 12.5" Tscope, it fits entirely into the rear cargo area of this small hatchback with the back seat up.

Tscope owners: If you've sent a picture, thanks again. If not, please send one; I'd love to put your picture here! - Ed.

Thank you for asking me to make a telescope for you!