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New for 2009:

  • All telescopes with mirrors 14.7" and smaller are made of very, very low expansion Quartz (fuzed silica) primaries
  • All telescopes with mirrors 15" and larger are made of low expansion Pyrex or borosilicate glass
Temporary order limitations for Type-3 and FarStar Telescopes

    I'd love to build a new TScope for you! You should know right away, though, that we are currently experiencing a backlog of about 14 months for new orders. I hope that you can wait that long because the only way to get the best telescope  is to order a new Tscope Ultralight. You'll be glad that you did; it's very common for me to hear back from folk once they get there new Tscope, "Thank you for building me such a beautiful telescope; it was worth the wait!"
    One thing we've learned through experience is that building our "special" telescopes, such as our Deluxe (Type3) Tscope and FarStar Ultralight, significantly impacts the delivery of the "regular" 14 inch Tscopes. Because nine out of ten telescope orders here are for our 14" Tscope Ultralight, I have decided to put new orders for Type-3 Deluxe Tscope and FarStar Telescopes "on hold" until we figure out how to make them without impacting the majority of our customers..
    An exception will be made for current Tscope owners that want to upgrade: Of course I'd like to make your second Tscope too (and I am still offering the repeat customer discount.) Telescopes available as upgrades for existing customers are listed with POR (Price on Request) shown. Telescopes available for order by everyone are listed with a the current price shown.
Thank you very much, - Ed.

TScope Ultralight Telescopes with 1/15 wave Quartz primaries.

13" f/4.5 - POR
14" f/4.7 - $3,195
14.7" f/4.5 - $3,995
15" f/4.5 (telescope frame only, for your optics) - $2,495

13" TScope allows sit-down viewing

14" TScope with CR2 focuser

Standard equipment new for 2009:
 - Quartz primaries
 - Moonlight CR-1 focuser
 - Cooling fan

As always, many upgrades and options are available.

Custom 14" Tscope with ServoCat Jr. GOTO System

TScope Type-3 (Deluxe) Telescopes with 1/20th wave Quartz primaries.

12" f/5.7 Superior Planetary Telescope - $3,695
14" f/4.7 - POR
14.7 f/4.5 - POR

TScope Type-3 (Deluxe) Telescopes with Pyrex primaries (wavefront quality as specified by optics maker.)

16" f/4.5 - POR
18" f/4.2

Optically and mechanically optimized for the best possible contrast with your feet still on the ground... it's astounding!

12" Superior Planetary TScope

Optimized Upper Cage Assembly
The low profile mounting of the focuser allows a very vice field of view with a relatively small secondary mirror. The small secondary mirror and curved spider means there is a minimum of matter in the light path to cause contrast robbing diffraction.

The Sun, Moon, stars and planets are all ventilation cut-outs in this 18 point flotation cell designed specifically for the 12" Superior Planetary Tscope. Perhaps it's a little whimsical but we can put this kind of design and manufacturing detail into our telescopes so we do...

Upgrades for Existing Owners

14" Deluxe TScope

16" TScope with wheelbarrow handles attached

18" TScope with ServoCat GOTO, fully loaded.

FarStar Telescope with 1/20th wave Quartz primaries.

13" f/4.5 - POR
14.7" f/4.5 - POR

FarStar Telescopes with Pyrex Primaries (wavefront quality as specified by optics maker.)

18" f/4.3 - POR

Unique Beauty by Special Request

14.7" FarStar Telescope

13" FarStar Telescope shows pole covers and lower light shroud installed.

Lightweight and strong, rapid thermal equilibrium, visually intriguing

Encoders for DSC installed and it's GOTO capable

1. Relative telescope sizes
2. Manufacturing process

Two scopes in the shop, a  14" and 18" showing relative size.

Computerized laser cutting in progress (click to enlarge.)

In-house computerized cutting for custom work
Practically perfect telescopes
start with practically perfect parts.

Custom finishing and parts: we build your scope your way.

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Thank you!

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Thank you for letting me build one for you. - Ed Taychert.